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Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Pattern Recap

A year in review

What a crazy year it has been. Throughout 2018 I continued to add more knitting patterns to the blog. It was a scary process learning and introducing something new. I have also continued to add crochet Patterns. You have been a great support and encouragement. I can't tell you how exciting it is to get on the front page of Ravelry when I put up a new pattern. Us designers really appreciate all those likes and comments. It really helps us know we are doing something right.

I love designing. This coming year my goals are simple. I want to continue growing in my pattern writing skills. Even though I'm good at designing, the actual pattern writing is hard. I want to have great quality patterns for you. I plan to continue cultivating relationships with the people who have been helping me with copy editing and testing. This year I created 23 patterns. Which is a crazy amount when I think about the fact that I moved 1,000 miles back to the United States in September.

One other goal is to better define my brand with the crochet patterns. I feel that I have my brand and style for knitting, but I'm a little all over the place with crochet. It's hard to just pick one area to focus on. So for 2019 you might be seeing a lot more Tunisian Crochet patterns from me. I feel this is an area that I truly love and that I will be excited to teach and expand.

This next year I don't see myself creating that many patterns. Like I said, I really want to focus on the quality this year.  It is also the last year that Sweet Pea will be home with me before she heads to school, so want to focus on having that quality time with her. With that being said I already have the next 4 patterns lined up for 2019. 2 triangle scarves and 2 stitch tutorials. They are a knit and a Tunisian crochet version of the same pattern.

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Knitting Patterns from 2018

Diamond Dimensions Neck Warmer

Creating my own Sunshine

Come This way Purse

Waterways Cowl

Moondoggie Bag

Wellsley Hat

Wellsley Cowl

Diamond dimensions ear warmer and Hat

Slalom Hat


Modern Chrysanthemum Throw

Double brimmed Hat

Tisket a Tasket Dishcloth

A Tisket a Tasket Basket

Functional Elegance Cowl

Painted Butterflies

Puddles of Love Blanket

Puddles of Love Hat

Summer Festival Clutch

Vintage Nursery Blanket

Lateral Braid Dishcloth

Becca Sweater

Rebecca Sweater