Sunday, August 18, 2013

Railway Ties Scarf and other things

I still exist I promise. This month has been crazy. My husband and I were having really bad luck finding a place to move in to in Toronto, so on the forth we packed a U haul truck and moved all of our stuff to Toronto, and put it into storage. On our way across the Border we picked up our visas. We stayed at different friends houses for  the next four days while we ran around the city looking for a place to live in our budget, and without needing a cosigner. It was crazy. It seemed like all the places we could look at my husband was to tall to live in them. He is only 6 ft.

We did find a place. It is a basement apartment with 7 ft ceilings. The land lords are an older lady and her daughter. It took seven hours all together to get the contract all together, because of translation and different customs. It is in North York.

During this time my Grandma passed away so we then had to go back to the states for the funeral. We also had to wait for the different banks to transfer our money to pay for the rent. But now we are finally moved. Boxes are every where, but we will get there.

Also during this time I had a new pattern published with Crochetvolution. It is a very simple scarf pattern. Rail way Ties Scarf . It is a free pattern so go take a look.