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Slalom Hat

A Free Knitting Pattern

My Last Pattern of 2018. What a great year it's been. I plan on getting an end of the year post together that will highlight all the patterns added this year to the blog. There will also be a giveaway attached to that post through my Facebook page so keep an eye out for it!

I have been working on this pattern; The Slalom Hat for awhile; August to be exact. This is the project that I would take with me to the school pick-up line and work on while I waited. I think I also remade it a few times. First I used a bulkier yarn, and with circular needles, then I tried it again with this yarn and circular needles and I still was not happy. I finally decided to go with working it flat and then seaming it. The numbers just wouldn't any other way.

There is always a big debate on using circular needles or straight or double points. I personally love using the circular needles, but I know there are others out there that are just as passionate about their straight needles. If that is you, then this pattern is for you.

I love the classic lines created in this hat, I even had first named this hat the Classy Hat, but when I was all done, I couldn't help by be reminded of little skiers running a slalom course down my hat.

Also this yarn, Baby Alpaca by Lion brand is so wonderfully soft and comfortable. It comes in at a great price of $5.00. That's a pretty great deal. A whole hat for $5.00, that is made out of 100% wool.  I will warn you, you will feel like you are playing yarn chicken with the skein, but I made it twice and had enough to finish the hat.

Where can I get this Pattern?

This is a free knitting pattern found right here on Designs by Diligence. Just keep scrolling down to read the pattern. If you would like to purchase an ads free, printer friendly PDF you can through my Ravelry Pattern Store for $3.00.
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Designer: Julia Schwartz

Yarn: Lion Brand LB Collection Baby Alpaca 3 light, 100% baby alpaca, 50g/ 1.75oz, 146 yrds/ 133m,  color tan, 1 skein

Needles: 6/ 4.25mm

Notions: yarn needle for weaving in your ends

Gauge: 24 sts x 30 rows = 4 inches Size: 19 inch circumference (stretches to fit an adult head. My head is 23 and it is perfect)

Stitches used: k (Knit), p (purl), RT (Right Twist), LT (Left Twist), k2tog (knit 2 together), k2togb (knit 2 together though the back loop), PM (place marker)
Special Stitches:

  • Right Twist (RT): Knit 2 together keeping both stitches on the left needle, knit into the first stitch, then pull both stitches onto the right needle, stitch complete. 
  • Left Twist (LT): Knit through the back loop of the 2nd st, keep the stitch on the left needle, knit in the first stitch, then pull both stitches onto the right needle, stitch complete. 
Notes: This pattern is worked flat and then seamed together at the end, so you can use straight needles for the whole pattern.

Copyright Julia Schwartz. Do not reproduce, copy, distribute, or sell this pattern without permission of the designer. This pattern must not be translated, reproduced, or circulated in another language without prior consent. If you have questions about this pattern please contact

Cast on 110 sts with straight needles leaving an extra long tail.

Row 1: (K2, P3) repeat for all 110 sts, turn
Row 2: (K3, P2) repeat for all 110 sts, turn
Rows 3-10: repeat rows 1 and 2
Row 11 and all odd numbers until stated: p all 110 sts, turn
Row 12: K5, RT, (k 9, RT) Repeat (to) 8 x, k 4 (110 sts), turn
Row 14: K4, RT, (k9, RT) repeat (to) 8x, k5, (110 sts), turn
Row 16: K3, RT, LT, (K7, RT, LT) repeat (to) 8x, k6 (110 sts), turn
Row 18: K3, LT, RT, (K7, LT, RT) repeat (to) 8x, k6 (110 sts), turn
Row 20: K4, LT, (k9, LT) Repeat (to) 8x, k5, (110), turn
Row 22: K5, LT, (k9, LT) Repeat (to) 8x, k 4 (110), turn
Row 24: (K9, LT) Repeat (to) 8x, k11 (110), turn
Row 26: K10, LT, (K9, LT), Repeat (to) 7x, k10 (110), turn
Row 28: K9, RT, LT, (K7, RT, LT) repeat (to) 7x, k9 (110 sts), turn
Row 30: K9, LT, RT, (K7, LT, RT) repeat (to) 7x, k9 (110 sts), turn
Row 32: K10, RT, (K9, RT), Repeat (to) 7x, k10 (110), turn
Row 34: (K9, RT) Repeat (to) 8x, k11 (110), turn

Rows 35- 58 repeat rows 11- 34

Crown Decrease

Row 1 and all odd number rows: p all sts, turn
Row 2: K4, k2tog, (k 9, k2tog) repeat (to) 8 x, k4 (110sts), turn
Row 4: K4, k2tog, (k 8, k2tog) repeat (to) 8 x, k4, (100 sts), turn
Row 6: K3, k2tog, (k7, k2tog) repeat (to) 8 x, k4, (90 sts), turn
Row 8: K3, k2tog tbl, (k6, k2tog tbl) repeat (to) 8 x, k3, (80 sts), turn
Row 10: K3, k2tog tbl, (k5, k2tog tbl) repeat (to) 8x, k2, (70 sts), turn
Row 12: K3, k2tog tbl, (K4, k2tog tbl) repeat (to) 8 x, k1 (60 sts), turn
Row 14: K3, K2tog tbl, (k3, k2tog tbl) repeat (to) 8 x, (50sts), turn
Row 16: (K2tog) Repeat 20 x, (20 sts), turn
Row 18: (k2tog) repeat 10 times, turn
Row 19: p10

Cast off by clipping a long tail and sewing it through the stitches left on the needles with a yarn needle. Pull all the stitches tight and secure your end.

Seam the hat up with the long tail from your cast on using the mattress stitch.

Weave in your ends.

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