Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Here We Go Do-Se-Do Nine Patch Quilt

I feel that I am on an on going quest to find ways to use up my scrap yarn. As you can remember some of my past scrap afghans. the colors of sunshine srapghan  and Always Pointing North Blanket After this new project I made a pretty big dent in my supplies. I have been on the look out for more yarn to fill my empty spaces. 

Most of my family quilts. I love looking at my great grandmas quilts and imaging what those scrap fabrics used to be before they became a quilt. I have a horrible time keeping a straight line, so I let them do all the quilting but sometimes I do feel left out. 

I came up with a quilt of my own that was crocheted. I can look at it and think, "I used that color yarn for so and so's project." I feel that there are a lot of memories tied into the many colors represented in this quilt.

 When you get started on a few of the squares you will see that your possibilities are endless. You could make every row a different color if you chose, or you could do mostly one color. You can also play around with how you place your 7 ch loops, you and make some sit behind the last row or in front. Be playful and try different possibilities.

Here We Go Do-Se-Do Nine Patch Quilt

Yarn: Any scrap worsted/ size 4 yarn
Hook: I/ 5.5MM
Notions: yarn needle
Gauge:  each square is 6 ½ inches
Size: I used a total of 81 squares. With the border the blanket is roughly 60 by 60

The Square

Round 1: With color A, Make a large adjustable loop with a long tail, ch 4 (counts as your first tr here and throughout), make 23 tr in the adjustable loop, pull the loop tight and sl st into the beginning tr. Do not finish off
Round 2A: With color B, join at any tr, ch 1, sc in same spot, {ch 7, sk 2 tr, sc in the next tr}, repeat {to} six more times, ch 7, sl st into the beginning sc. Finish off.
Round 2B: With color C, join at the next open tr of round 1, ch 1, sc in the same spot, {Ch 7, sk 1 tr of round 1 and 1 sc of round 2A, sc in the next tr}, repeat {to} six more times, ch 7, sl st into the beginning sc. Finnish off.
Round 2C: With color D, join in the open tr of the round 1, ch 1 sc in the same spot, {ch 7, sk the 2 sc of round 2A, and 2B, sc in the next tr} Repeat {to} 6 more times, ch 7, sl st into the beginning sc. Finnish off.
Round 3: Taking up Color A again, ch st into the closest ch 7 sp, 2 sc in the same loop, (2 sc in the next ch 7 loop), repeat (to) 22 times, sl st into the beginning sc.
Round 4: Ch 4, tr in the same sp, tr in the next 11 sc,{ (2 tr, ch 3, 2 tr) in the next sc,tr in the next 11 sc}, repeat {to} 2 more times, 2 tr in the starting sc, ch 3, sl st into the beginning tr. Finish Off. Weave in all your ends.


Arrange your squares how you would like them then wip stitch them together starting with the columns and then the rows.


With the color of your choice sc in any square edge, {ch 7, sk 2 tr, sc in the next tr} Repeat {to} till you come all the way around the blanket, ch 7 sl st into the beginning sc. Repeat this with one or two different colors around the edge. I just have one repeat with 2 rows of loops in the picture example.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

What I Have Been Working On 9/5/2014

I promised I would show you my embroidery project when it was completed.
I am very happy with the way it turned out. I have been thinking about what I want to do next. It might have to wait a little while. I am finally teaching classes at the art studio that I live near. Here is the web site if you want to check it out.http://www.artlicious.ca/  I have been making projects for the studio classes and I have been making things to also sell there.

For the upcoming winter we decided to go with making cowls that are at different levels of difficulty.

I am so excited for the upcoming season of my life, I am also very close to having a pattern to share with you. Hopefully n the next couple of days I will get it posted. So look out!