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Wellsley Hat

A Free Knitting Pattern

It's August! that means fall is just around the corner. I have already seen an increase in page views this past week so I know that you are getting ready for fall too. The kids will be starting back to school soon and we will all have a little bit more time to sit down and stitch something new. 

I have 2 new knit patterns to share. I asked around my social media what pattern they would want to see first and the vote was for the hat first. You can find the cowl pattern here!!!!!

For this hat and cowl set I have used Lion brand Heartland yarn. This yarn is so soft. Another great thing is that one skein makes both the hat and the cowl. 

Where can I get this Pattern?

This is a free knitting pattern found right here on Designs by Diligence. Just keep scrolling down to read the pattern. If you would like to purchase an ads free, printer friendly PDF you can through my Ravelry Pattern Store for $3.00.
 The paid pattern will include everything in this blog post plus charts to help you complete this pattern. 
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Designer: Julia Schwartz
Yarn: Any worsted weight yarn. Model used Lion brand Yarn: Heartland color Sequoia 100% acrylic 142 g/ 230m 4 medium
Needles: 9/ 5.5mm
Notions: yarn needle for sewing up the hat brim
Gauge: 16 stitches and 22 rows = 4 inches
Size: 19 inch circumference (stretches to fit adult head)
Stitches used: k, p, RT, LT, k2tog, k2togb ( knit 2 together though the back loop), PM (place marker)
Special Stitches: 

  • Right Twist (RT): Knit 2 together keeping both stitches on the left needle, knit into the first stitch, then pull both stitches onto the right needle, stitch complete.
  • Left Twist (LT): Knit through the back loop of the 2nd st, keep the stitch on the left needle, knit in the first stitch, then pull both stitches onto the right needle, stitch complete.
Notes: The k2 at the front and back of each row is the ribbing of the hat rim.

Julia Schwartz. Do not reproduce, copy, distribute, or sell this pattern without permission of the designer. This pattern must not be translated, reproduced, or circulated in another language without prior consent. If you have questions about this pattern please contact

Edited 08/13/2018: Rows 90, 92 and 94 were missing their ribbing stitches, I have added those stitches in. 

Edited 10/10/ 2018: Starting on the crown there are too many starting stitches, so I am revising the row count. 

Edited 1/1/21: After lots of feedback from others I have made a few changes to the pattern. I have added a couple of stitches on each side of the ribbing to help the hat rim stay more flat. I have also changed how I added the ribbing to the pattern. I also just changed the wording here and there for better understanding.

Hat Rim

Cast on 22 sts with your favorite cast on.

Row 1 and every odd number row: k4, p14, k4 (22 sts)

Row 2: K4, LT, k4, RT, k4, RT, k4

Row 4: K5, LT, k2, RT, LT, k2, RT, k5

Row 6: K6, LT, RT, k2, LT, RT, k6

Row 8: K7, RT, k4, LT, k7

Row 10: K6, RT, LT, k2, RT, LT, k6

Row 12: K5, RT, k2, LT, RT, k2, LT, k5

Row 14: K4, RT, k4, RT, k4, LT, k4

Repeat Rows 1 through 14 8 times, (that’s 126 rows) 0r until your hat rim measures closest to 20 inches

Row 127: K4, K2togB, k10, K2tog, k4

Row 128: K4, K2togB, k8, K2tog, k4

Row 129: K4, K2togB, k6, K2tog, k4

Row 130: K4, K2togB, k4, K2tog, k4

Row 131: K4, K2togB, k2, K2tog, k4

Row 132: K4, K2togB, K2tog, k4

Row 133- 135: K10

Bind off.

Pick up 95 stitches using your circular needles, along the side of the hat rim just completed; starting at row 126 before the decreases.

(If you pick up in each “ditch” add a stitch every 3rd st. That should bring you very close to 95).

Working in the round

PM, k into the first picked up stitch to join the round. K 9 rounds, sl the marker as you pass it.

At this point your hat should measure 7 ½ inches. Add more rounds if needed.

Crown of Hat (Switch to double point needles or 2 circular needles)

Row 1: {K7, k2togb, k, k2tog, k7} repeat 4 times (85 loops)

Row 2 and every even number: K

Row 3: K6, k2togb, k, k2tog, k6} Repeat 4 times (75 loops)

Row 5:{K5, k2togb, k, k2tog, k5} Repeat 4 times (65 loops)

Row 7:{K4, k2togb, k, k2tog, k4} Repeat 4 times (55 loops)

Row 9:{K3, k2togb, k, k2tog, k3} Repeat 4 times (45 loops)

Row 11:{K2, k2togb, k, k2tog, k2} Repeat 4 times (35 loops)

Row 13: {K, k2togb, k, k2tog, k} Repeat 4 times (25 loops)

Row 15: {K2tog} Repeat 11 times, k last st (13 loops)

Row 16: K (13 loops)

Bind off with a long tail.

Sew up the brim so the triangle overlaps and add the button.

Weave in your ends.

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  1. Love this pattern, thank you for sharing!

  2. I pick up 95 stitches, knit 9 rows, then row 1 of crown is only 84 stitches. What am I reading incorrectly?

    1. once you get to the crown you are decreasing each odd row by 10 so at the end of that first row you should be at 85 sts. You might have missed a k st between the 2 decreasing stitches on one of the repeats.

    2. But the total number of stitches touched in row 1 is only 84 21 stitches four times. And 8 k2tog only reduces by 8?

    3. It's a total of 5 times not 4. you are doing the action once then repeating it 4 times.

      Now that I'm counting it again I see that I made my chart wrong and it should be 19 stitches 5 times not 21, I'll make the correction and post an update. Thanks.

  3. I love this brim!! I am working on row 100...where did the 20 stitches come in? row 98/99 have 18....row 100 has 20?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, I absolutely love it and plan on starting it right away! I even have a pretty good stash of Heartland - it's probably my favorite yarn!

  5. I'm a novice knitter and wanted to learn RT and LT stitches, so this lovely hat intrigued me. I'm at the point where the hat rim starts to decrease. For every row, the pattern indicates knitting stitches in between the decreases (the triangular space), which would make it garter stitching. However, in the picture it is clearly stockinette. I'm not sure whether to purl in some of the rows, even though it says knit OR whether I should add a row for purling in between each row, even though the row numbers do not skip.