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Monday, May 27, 2019

Justintime Dishcloth

A free Crochet Pattern

If you have been here long, you know I love learning new things by making dishcloth swatches. I have a new one for you to share. In this one we are changing colors every row, and because of that we are only turning our work every other row. In other words we will work one row, then go back to the starting stitch and making the second row, after that second row we will turn our work and work on the "backside" of the dishcloth for 2 rows. Still a little confused? Give it a try. Some times just trying helps us see what we need to do. There are only 17 stitches in each row, so there is not a lot to make mistakes on. 

I always have a terrible time coming up with names for things. This time it went like this:

Me yelling out into the house: "I need a new name."
My Husband Justin: "Name it after me. You haven't done that yet."
Me: "Okay."
Justin: "Wait, what is the object we are talking about?" 

If you ever wonder where we get our name inspiration from there is a small glimpse. I have resorted to family names, counties or streets we have lived in, looking up words in the thesaurus, and baby name websites.  If you have any other ideas let me know. 

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Designer: Julia Schwartz
Yarn: Any 100% cotton, worsted size 4 yarn. 2 colors.
Hook: G/5
Notions: yarn needle for weaving in your ends
Size: 6 by 6 inches
Gauge:12 stitches by 12 rows = 4 inches
Stitches Used: Chain (ch), Single crochet (sc), Slip Stitch (sl st), Half Double Crochet (hdc),
  • Each color makes a new row. Every two rows you turn your work and change directions.
Copyright: Julia Schwartz. Do not reproduce, copy, distribute, or sell this pattern without permission of the designer. This pattern must not be translated, reproduced, or circulated in another language without prior consent. If you have questions about this pattern please contact me through e-mail.

Where Can I get this pattern?

This is a free pattern. Keep scrolling down to see this pattern. If you would like to purchase a pattern that is ads free and printer friendly for $3.00 you can through my Ravelry Store.
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Pattern Instructions

Row 1: (Color A) Ch 18, sl st in first ch, {hdc in next ch, sl st in next ch}, repeat {to} 7 x's, ch 1. (17 sts) 

Row 2: (Color B) Take your hook out of the ch st, and move back to the first sl st of last row, attach your yarn with a ch st (only for the first time), Hdc in the sl st, {sl st in the hdc, hdc in the sl st} Repeat {to} 7 x's, ch 1. (17 sts) 

Row 3: (Color A) Turn (switch back to color A), sl st in hdc, {hdc in next sl st, sl st in next hdc}, repeat {to} 7 x's, ch 1. (17 sts) 

Row 4-17: repeat rows 2 and 3

Notes to remember:
  • You do not need to cut your yarn when switching colors just carry them up as you go. 
  • I found making a chain stitch at the end of the row really helpful for not loosing stitches. That chain 1 never counts as a stitch but it starts the new row. 
At the end of row 17 cut the yarn you are not using for the edging and finish it off.  


Rows 1 and 2: With color A, do not turn, ch 1, 2 sc in the corner st, {make 1 sc in each row, make 3 sc in the corner st, sc in each st} repeat {to},  sc in the first corner st, sl st in first st. Finish off at the end of row 2.

Weave in all of your ends.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

The Ultimate List of Dishcloths

A round-up of dishcloths that will help you learn

There is no secret that I love making dishcloths. I especially love making ones that are going to help me learn a new stitch or technique. They work as great swatches. Then after I have learned something new I can easily re-gift my little swatch.

For this round up I wanted to provide you with dishcloths that had something different about them. Take a look through them and learn something new. There are 12 knit patterns and 12 crochet patterns.


Learner's Curve Dishcloth
By Designs by Diligence

Douglas Fir Dishcloth
By Designs by Diligence

Clean Cables
By GarnStudio

Double Knit Bird Dishcloth
By Margret MacInnis

Lydia's Lily Pad Dishcloth
By KnitPicks
LydiaĆ¢€™s Lily Pad

Kitchen Dishcloth
Joan Laws

Alhambra Dishcloth
By Underground Crafter

Honeycomb Dishcloth
By Knitpicks

Honeycomb Dishcloth

Turkish Tiles cloth
Rebekah Yeager

Celtic Cables Dishcloth
By Yarnspirations

Dandelion Dishcloth 
By Knitting Unlimited

Leaf Lace Cloth 
By Jan Eaton


A Tisket a Tasket Dishcloth
By Designs by Diligence

Mermaid Towel
By Moogly

Illusion Spa Cloth
By Dela Wilkens

Textured Comb Cloth
By Knitpicks

Simple Textured Washcloth
By Amanda Saladin

Queen of Hearts Cloth

Bright Chevron Dishcloth
By Moogly

Hounds tooth Stitch Tutorial 
By The Stitchin' Mommy

Textured Washcloth
by How to Arm Knit

Wishy Washies Washcloth
By CrochetKim

Scrubbing Dishcloths 
By Designs by Diligence

Crochet Diagonal Raised Stitch Dishcloth
By  Crochet for You

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