Monday, June 29, 2020

Ruth's Kitchen Towel

A Free Knitting Pattern

It's been a while since I have shared a free knitting pattern. I recently made a crochet version of this towel. You can find it on Ravelry here. When I was finished with it I knew I wanted to make a knit version and so here it is. 

This is the hanging kitchen towel you always wanted. It is soft with the perfect subtle texture to get your hands dry. It is constructed just right so that it will hang in place without going anywhere.  Make a couple of matching dishcloths for the perfect house warming gift. 

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Ruth's Kitchen Towel

Designer: Julia Schwartz

Yarn: Any worsted cotton. 2 colors needed. Model used Lion Brand yarn: Re-up, 85% cotton, 15% polyester, 114 yards, 2.5 oz.

Needle: 7/ 4.5mm

Notions: Tapestry needle

Size: I wasn’t sure how to measure this. 5 ½ by 15 ½

Gauge: 18 sts x 28 rows = 4 in

Stitches Used: K (knit), P (purl), k2tog (knit 2 together)

Copyright: Julia Schwartz.

Do not reproduce, copy, distribute, or sell this pattern without permission of the designer. This pattern must not be translated, reproduced, or circulated in another language without prior consent. If you have questions about this pattern please contact

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This is a free Pattern right here on the blog. Just keep scrolling down to find the pattern. If you would like an ads free, printer friendly PDF version I have them for sale in my Ravelry Shop for 3.00 and for sale in my LoveCrafts Shop When you purchase this pattern you will receive the pattern that you see on the Blog post plus the bonus chart and legend to help you complete your hat. 

Pattern Instructions

Main towel section

With Color A, cast on 60 stitches using your favorite cast on method

Rows 1-3: (K2, P2) Repeat 14 xs for a total of 60 stitches

Rows 4-6: (P2, k2) repeat 14 xs for a total of 60 stitches

Rows 7-9: (K2, P2) Repeat 14 xs for a total of 60 stitches

Row 10: With color B, k for a total of 60 stitches

Row 11: P for a total of 60 stitches

Row 12: K for a total of 60 stitches

Row 13: P for a total of 60 stitches

Row 14: With color A, k for a total of 60 stitches

Rows 15- 63: Repeat rows 1 and 2.

Cast off and break yarn.

Towel topper

Have the colored stripe towards the bottom with the knit side facing out. Fold the sides toward the middle so that the sides touch each other.

Row 1:
With color B, pull up a loop through both sections of fabric in each stitch until you have 30 loops evenly across the folded towel.

Row 2- 40: K for a total of 30 sts

Row 41: K 1, k2tog, k 24, k2tog, k 1

Row 42: K for a total of 28 sts

Row 43: K 1, k2tog, k 22, k2tog, k 1

Row 44: K for a total of 26 sts

Row 45: K 1, k2tog, k 20, k2tog, k 1

Row 46: K for a total of 24 sts

Row 47: K 1, k2tog, k 18, k2tog, k 1

Row 48: K for a total of 22 sts

Row 49: K 1, k2tog, k 16, k2tog, k 1

Row 50: K for a total of 20 sts

Row 51: K 1, k2tog, k 14, k2tog, k 1

Row 52: K for a total of 18 sts

Row 53: K 1, k2tog, k 12, k2tog, k 1

Row 54: K for a total of 16 sts

Cast off and break yarn.


With color B, cast on 5 stitches along the side of the towel topper starting at row 40 and working down toward row 30.

Row 1-37(or until the band stretches across the towel topper): K for a total of 5 sts.

Cast off and break yarn with a long tail. Using the long tail, wip stitch the band to the other side of the towel topper.

Weave in all your ends.

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