Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Card Boxes

When the Christmas season starts winding down, and the Christmas card pile is over flowing I often have a hard time putting things away for the next season, and heaven forbid throw some of those cards away. I have a simple craft for you that will help you not feel so guilty about those cards.

I used to make these as a little girl so I know they are easy. First step is to separate the front and back of the card. Second with a pencil and ruler, draw a line an inch from both sides of the card on the front and the back. Then make a mark an inch and a half down the line on each side.Cut on the line till the mark, then fold the cards on the line.
Once that is done you will fold the cuts toward the center of the card. Pull up the larger flap around the cut flaps and fold it over. If needed put a piece of tape in the inside of the box.
These boxes can be used for boxing up little presents and storing little treasures. 

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