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Monday, September 17, 2018

Crochet Tutorial for the Lateral Braid Stitch

A Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial 

I'm going to be coming out with a new child's sweater pattern soon. Have you seen it on Instagram?  In the pattern there is a stitch that might be unfamiliar to some of you so I wanted to have a quick tutorial for how to execute the stitch.

As always with my tutorials when you are done you will have a finished dishcloth to use or gift.

The stitch is a modified front post double crochet stitch. That's a mouthful. I asked around a little to see if there was a name for this stitch and there was no determined answer. Moogly has a video tutorial where she calls this stitch the Shallow Post Double Crochet. But she made the name up too. So I am calling the stitch the Lateral Braid Stitch. If someone comes along and says what the name is I will go back and change.

I wanted the look of a knitted lateral braid for the sweater. I felt that this stitch had the definition and texture that I was looking for.  So without further ado.

The Lateral Braid Stitch. 

Like I said earlier this is a modified Front post Double crochet, so you will start the stitch just like any double crochet stitch.

  • a yarn over
  • insert your hook right under the v of the stitch you just finished stitching into, and around the post of the next stitch. so it looks like you are straddling both "v's"

  • yarn over
  • pull hook back through the stiches
  • yarn over
  • pull through 2 loops

  • yarn over
  • pull through 2 loops 

Some things to think about when you are making the dishcloth pattern below. 
  • Make sure you are keep watch of your stitch count. This stitch is easy to make one too many, or be short a stitch, because of going into the last stitch just made. 
  • The lateral braid shows up on the wrong side of the fabric
  • This stitch really only works when you are turning after each row. I tried this going in the round and it did not have the same look. 

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Dishcloth Pattern

Designer: Julia Schwartz 

Yarn: worsted cotton yarn 2 colors 1 skein of the main color and scraps of the second color.
Hook: H/8 5mm
Notions: tapestry needle, cable needle
Size: 4 by 4 by 4 inches
Gauge: 13 sc and 14 rows (not really needed for this pattern)
Julia Schwartz. Do not reproduce, copy, distribute, or sell this pattern without permission of the designer. This pattern must not be translated, reproduced, or circulated in another language without prior consent. If you have questions about this pattern please contact

Row 1: Ch 18, sk 3 chs (counts as first dc), dc in the next 14 chs. (15 dc)

Row 2: Ch 3, turn (counts as first dc), lateral braid stitch in the next 14 sts. (15 sts)

Row 3- 8: repeat row 2. 

Ch 1, {rotate your work so you will work down the side, 2 sc in each of the dc posts, (sc, ch 1, sc) in the corner st, rotate your work again,  sc in each dc, (sc, ch 1, sc) in the corner sp} repeat {to}. 

Finish off. 
Weave in your ends.  

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Embroidery Bookmark

A Free Embroidery Tutorial

I have another little project to share with you. I also have a crochet project that is getting closer to being ready to go up on the blog. But first the book mark.

This is a great project for when you need a quick gift for some one. It shows off your embroidery skills and shows that you care enough to spend the time to make something by hand.

Book Mark

Finished Size:3in by 7 in.
Item Needed 
  • Fabric 
  • felt or interfacing to put in between the fabric pieces
  • embroidery floss
  • embroidery needle 
  • pinking shears
  • embroidery hoop

 Start by drawing a simple pattern that will fit in a 3 by 7 inch space.

 Take the fabric out of the hoop. Add the interfacing and other piece of fabric stacking it with fabric facing up, interfacing, and fabric facing down. Cut the stack so that it measures 3 by 7 and with the embroidery picture centered.
Add a chain stitch around the outside edges of the book mark.
Tip: Start with your tail in between your layer of fabrics.
Finish off by trimming the book mark with pinking shears.
Now Go, and enjoy a good book.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Embroidery Picture Tutorial: Mini Valentine Heart

Today I have a picture tutorial for this cute little heart. Just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Disclaimer: I live in a basement apartment. And it's the middle of winter. My pictures are dark there is just no way around it. I am by no means a professional photographer, but I feel you will still get the idea from the pictures. Also maybe I am just to hard on myself. 


Disclaimer 2: I'm all about finding the best deal, reusing, recycling, thrifting. So A Lot of times I have no idea what I'm working with. This time time I do know a few things because I got them as Christmas gifts. 
  • an embroidery hoop ( I used a 6in hoop, but you could go smaller)
  •  needle
  • a woven fabric
  • Embroidery floss. For this project I used J&P Coats. A dark and light color. 3 gradient warm colors. 2 cool colors to off set the warm (so that's 7 colors all together).
  • sharp scissors
Step 1: First I started by drawing a 1 1/2in circle. Inside my circle I rough sketched a heart. I made sure both of my points fell on the same vertical line and that my 2 humps were on the same horizontal line. I then back stitched in the dark color and also backed stitched with the light color around the dark. 

I then took the darkest color of the warm trio and added 5 straight stitches going into the point of the heart.
Step 2. With the middle shade of the warm trio, I added 6 long lazy daisy stitches between the straight stitches.

Step 3. With the lightest of the warm trio I added a straight stitch inside of each lazy daisy. Then I added a pistil stitch in between each lazy daisy for a total of 7.

 Step 4. I went back to the darkest warm color and added a pistil stitch between each pistil stitch going in the opposite direction.
 Step 5. With the middle color I added lazy daisies between the pistils for 4 on each side.

 Step 6. With the lightest color fill in with straight stitches.
 Step 7. With one of the cool colors add a row of french knots evenly spaced around the heart.
 Step 8. Finish with the second cool color making pistil stitches around the heart between the french knots.
I made my heart into a button. There are lots of other ideas that will work for this to. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.

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