Friday, February 3, 2017

Tutorial: How to correct a knit Button Hole

I'm new enough to knitting that sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing. I have been crocheting long enough that I can usually pretend like I know what I'm doing in knitting and just fluff along.

This sweater is a good example.  This is the Harvest Pattern by . I have made this pattern once before. This time I wanted to make it again but shorter and with bell capped sleeves. I did really great, because it is such a lovely pattern that is easily adaptable and adjustable.

When I got to the button hole my crochet sense took over and I made a button hole in 2 rows. It did not look well. But I was not really sure what to do with it so I just continued on. Did you know that there is a way to make a button hole with just one row? Me neither. Now that I am aware of that I will strive for better.

But maybe you are like me with really terrible looking button holes that have already been made. What do you do with them?

I decided to add button hole stitches to the hole to clean it up and I'm really happy with the results. I took pictures of what I did so you can follow along.

What you will need:

  • a tapestry needle
  • same colored yarn as you project 
  • scissors 
I turned the garment inside out and I inserted my needle in between the 2 vertical posts on the bottom right side of the button hole. Then I put the needle through the first stitch of the button hole with the tail of the yarn going behind the needle when I pull through. (did you know that the button hole stitch is the same as a blanket stitch. It is just worked tighter and in a button hole).

I added two button hole stitches to each knit stitch. There were 3 knit stitches so I made 6 button hole stitches on this side of the hole. 
I wrapped my yarn around 3 vertical posts (I was tightening up this stitch, yours might be tighter and so you only need to go through the two posts like the start). I turned the work so that what was on top was now on the bottom. I inserted my needle through the knit stitch so that my tail would be behind my needle and then into the completed button hole stitch above it.
I continued to make 2 button hole stitches for every knit stitch.
To finish off I inserted the needle through the first button hole stitch. Tie a knot with the ends. Weave in your ends.
 And that is it.

I'm sure this trick would work for crochet garments as well but I find that knit stitches loosen up more than crochet stitches so it would be more beneficial for knit.  Now I just need to pick out a button.

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  1. Thanks for this! I've been looking for a way to fix a button hole on a favorite thrifted sweater. This is really helpful!