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Monday, October 23, 2017

Easy Yarn Unicorn Hair

A Free Tutorial For Unicorn Hair

The older Little One gets the more I need to get creative with Halloween. She is getting more ideas about what she wants and what is considered cool. Is cool even the right word anymore? We decided on her being a unicorn; not too baby but still sweet. Right away Sweet Pea insisted that she would be a princess, and she is telling everyone that Mommy is going to make her a princess. She gets very defensive if we suggest anything else. 2 year olds are so easy.  Hopefully this tutorial will be easier than figuring out the workings of preteens. 


Start with a long tail slip knot, ch 12, cut your yarn for a long tail and pull tight.
Loop in scraps of yarn into the chains until the section is full. 
Repeat this process 5 or 6 times. For the top piece add scraps on both sides of the chains. 

Sew in the strips of hair using the long tails of the chain stitches, and wip stitch it down to the hat so the hair falls at the base of the hat. Weave in any left over yarn.

Repeat the process above, a few rows over the last strip of hair.  

Keep going all the way up until you reach the ears.

On the last strip, make sure you have hair going in both directions for bangs and back mane hair.

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