Monday, February 25, 2019

Winter Thaw Shawl

A Free Knitting Pattern

I had so much fun making this shawl. Like I said in the tutorial post I started this pattern to celebrate the messiness of the season. That season right before it starts to get warm and we are all anxiously waiting for the snow to thaw. Even in the messiness there can be beauty. And without the waiting we wouldn't enjoy the coming quite as much.

I put two strands of sock yarn together for this project. I love how it turned out. The colors blend and come together so perfectly. It is also just the right amount of squishiness (spell check says this isn't a word) and warmth to put around your neck. I have been wearing this shawl a lot, even before I got the good pictures because I couldn't wait.

I also loved it so much that I made a hat to match it, and they have become inseparable. So be on the look out for the hat pattern coming soon!

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Designer: Julia Schwartz
Yarn: Patons Kroy Sock yarn 2 strands held together. 75% washable wool 25% nylon, 50g/ 152 m.  4 skeins color blue/brown 170-200 grams needed.
Needles: 6 mm needles
Notions: tapestry needle
Size: 42 inch wingspan
Gauge: 16 sts x 24 rows = 4 inches k st as the gauge
Stitches Usesd:
  • K: knit
  • P:purl 
  • Yo: yarn over
  • Spike stitch: insert your right needle into the stitch 3 rows below the row you are working, yo, and pull the needle back through the stitch (this counts as a knit stitch)
  • K2tog: knit 2 stitches together
  • Sskp: Slip 2 stitches to the right needle one at a time, k the next st, slip the slipped stitches over the knit stitch just made.

Julia Schwartz. Do not reproduce, copy, distribute, or sell this pattern without permission of the designer. This pattern must not be translated, reproduced, or circulated in another language without prior consent. If you have questions about this pattern please contact

Where Can I Get This Pattern

This is a free Pattern right here on the blog. Just keep scrolling down to find the pattern. If you would like an ads free, printer friendly PDF version I have them for sale in my Ravelry Shop for 3.00. As an added bonus to purchasing the pattern I have included a small chart and key. 
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Garter tab start 

Cast on 6 st 
Row 1: K6, Repeat row 1 for a total of 6 rows, turn your work 90 degrees and pick up 3 st,
turn 90 degrees again and pick up 6 more sts (15 stitches on the needle)
Row 5: (ws) k (15 sts) 

Start of Shawl

Row 1: (rs) K6, pm, yo, k, yo, pm, k, pm, yo, k, yo, pm, k6 (increase of 4 sts) 
Row 2: (ws) K6, sm,p to the last marker, slipping the other markers as you pass, sm, k6 (19 sts) (row 2 is repeated every even number now and throughout)
Rows 3: K6, (sm, yo, k to next marker, yo, sm), k, Repeat (to), k 6
Rows 4- 24: Repeat rows 2 and 3, ending on a row 2
Row 25: K6, {sm, yo, (k2, spike stitch, k2tog) repeat 5x, k, yo, sm}, k, Repeat {to} 1x, k6
Row 26: repeat row 2
Row 27: K6, {sm, yo, k2, (yo, sskp, yo, k), repeat 5x, k, yo, sm}, k, Repeat {to} 1x, k6
Row 28: Repeat row 2
Rows 29-39: Repeat rows 25 and 27 for odd rows and row 2 for even rows
Rows 40- 64: Repeat rows 2 and 3.
Rows 65- 81: Repeat rows 25 and 27 for odd rows and row 2 for even rows
Rows 82- 94: repeat rows 2 and 3.
Rows 95: K6, sm, k to next marker, yo, sm, k, sm, k, sm, k6
Row 96: K6, sm, k to the next marker, sm, p, sm, k  to the last marker, sm, k6
Rows 97-105: Repeat rows 95 and 96.
Cast off.
Weave in your ends. 

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  1. I'm trying to figure out how you got the colours to match, knitting one strand from two skeins -- dark blues, pale blues, browns... What exactly are the names of the colour(s) you used?

    1. It is just one color. It’s called blue brown marled from Patons Kroy Sock. I didn’t focus on matching it up. Since it was already marled it blended well whatever way I did it.

  2. I can't find Row 26! It goes from Row 25 to Row 27.

    1. Row 26 is a repeat row 2, I'll edit that in to make it more clear. Thanks for noticing.

  3. These are so beautiful. I am new to knit and I cant read patterns on crochet or knit I am trying to teach myself to do this also. Also new to crochet. I am self taught. Do you by chance have these in crochet and do you have tutorials. Would live to make these for my 4 daughter and my 3 granddaughters thank you so much.