Thursday, June 29, 2017

Swift Chevron Hat: A Knitting Pattern

A Companion Pattern to the Swift Swirl Knitting Pattern

I think I say this about every pattern, but I am really excited about this pattern. When I made the Swift Swirl Pattern, I wanted to expand it to this pattern right away. It was just screaming to me that it needed more movement!

This one is not as swift as the first, but it is still a quick pattern to follow. You have to count your rows this time, but the idea is still the same. You are doing the same stitch over and over again and there are no yarn overs, increases or deceases that you have to worry about in the body of the hat and that is what makes it swift.

I love the chevron for this hat. In the pattern it is easily adaptable to make the chevrons as long or short as you like. When I see the chevron pattern I always think of Charlie Brown and his yellow shirt, Harry Potter and his scar, caution signs on the road, and afghans made by great grandma. What Do you always think of when you see the Chevron Pattern?

Materials Needed 

Needles: 6,0 mm/US 10 circular needles and a set of double point needles US 10 to finish it off.
Notions: tapestry needle

Special stitches:

Right Twist (RT): Knit 2 together keeping both stitches on the left needle, knit into the first stitch, then pull both stitches onto the right needle, stitch complete. 

Left Twist(LT):  Knit through the back loop of the 2nd st, keep the stitch on the left needle, knit in the first stitch, then pull both stitches onto the right needle, stitch complete. 

Sk2p: Slip stitch to the right needle, knit 2 stitches together, pass over slipped st over the 2 knit stitches.

Where Can I Get This Pattern?

This is a paid Pattern. I have put a lot of work into the PDF version of this pattern. There are pictures to follow and a written out pattern that is clear and precise. When you buy this pattern you will automatically receive the Swift Swirl pattern with it for FREE.
That is two patterns for the price of one. !!buy now !!

If You would like to go to my Ravelry Pattern Page first Go Here!


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