Monday, February 27, 2017

Mini Still Life Emboidery

A Embroidery Tutorial


I wanted to make a quick post about an Embroidery project that I worked on recently.
I thought I would go through the process a little about how this came about.

One of the ways that I like to gain inspiration in my designs is looking through color pallets. For this particular design I saw a picture of an aqua basket sitting on an old farmhouse stool. And the basket had a beautiful spray of pink peonies, and lavender. I thought how can I translate that into embroidery.

I started with the basket by weaving a square and then adding a chain stitch handle. I made short and long stitches to make the "stool." Then For the peonies I used the bullion stitch circles with straight stitches coming out of the middle of the circle. I also added a bow around the basket with gold string.
I then added some green stem stitches and lavender french knots around the stems. I took care around the handle making sure some of the stems were in front and some were in back to give it more depth.
I finished with a lattice stitch for the background.

I am happy with how pretty it turned out. It is a nice little masterpiece to add a chain to and where it around my neck.

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