Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Preschool Busy Bag: Button Patterns

With Abigail as busy as ever I have been desperate to come up with things that I can do with her and more importantly things that she can do by herself while I need to do something else. I have started a collection of busy bags for her that she can pull out whenever she is feeling bored. To clarify a busy bag is an activity that can fit into a Ziploc bag, and generally they are quiet things that she can do without my help. I came up with one the other day that she likes and I think you will too.

Button patterns:
Materials: copy paper, laminate paper, markers, colored buttons that match the colors of your markers

The first thing I did was cut the paper into four long strips, I used 3 pieces for 12 total strips. Then I drew 5 to 9 squares across each strip of paper. I used different colors of markers to make different patterns in the squares, and I always left the last square empty. You can make the patterns as complicated as you want depending on your child's ability. Once that was done I laminated the strips with laminate paper. I would suggest working in small amounts. I was over expectant in my abilities and made a huge mess of my papers. Once that was done, with Abigail right in the action I trimmed all the edges down to make the strips as presentable as possible. And lastly we played the game together. We would say the pattern as we went, "red, blue, red, blue, and what goes next? Red. and Abigail would then put a red button in the square that was left empty. Simple as that.

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