Wednesday, August 29, 2012

recovering a stool

Years ago I acquired a sewing desk and stool. I would not at all be surprised if it is over 60 years old. It still has, well now I should say had its original seat pad and covering. Because of its age, it was getting the funny old smell. I've been needing to redo it since I got it, and today I finally decided to accomplish it.

First I took the cover and pad off, it was stapled on so it was pretty easy to do. I then cleaned the stool and top thoroughly. I put the cover and the pad in a bag and took them to the store with me to pick out the batting and fabric that I wanted. I went to log cabin quilt shop. I used the old cover to measure out how much of the new fabric I needed and I just grabbed the smallest bag of batting that they had.

When I got home, I cut the batting so that it would be three layers thick. Then I rolled and sewed seams in the fabric to make the new cover. I checked the measurements before I sewed to be sure it was a good fit.
I should also note that I doubled my fabric over for extra protection, so I only seamed 3 sides since one side was folded over.

After the sewing I got my daughter to sit down and watch a movie, and I got my staple gun out. The last time I got my staple gun out I got a staple through my finger and I could not crochet for a few days. I was probably more cautious than need be. I put the padding on top of the stool lid then I flipped it over on top of the new cover. Then I put one staple in each side pulling it tight. After the four sides were done I went back and filled in the rest.

I'm so glad I finally got this project done.

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