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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Color Pop Pillow

A Refashion of a Sweater to a Pillow

I found this sweater at Value Village.
It has a cool pattern and it is bright, so bright I had a lot of trouble getting good pictures because it was so glaring.  I knew I wanted to do something fun with it. For Christmas my daughter got a new duvet for her bed, so I thought why not make a pillow to match her new duvet.

I started by adding fusible interfacing to the inside of the sweater where I wanted to  add the design.

Then I drew out my simple design on the interfacing. With the embroidery thread that I chose, I made a back stitch around all my lines.

I flipped it over so the pattern was showing. I made a satin stitch around all of the back stitches following the pattern. This fabric was very hard to work with for the satin stitch even with the interfacing, if I do this again I'm sure I will use a different stitch. For the last "stem" I used the fish tail stitch to give it a different look.

When I was done with the embroidery design, I straightened out the sweater and marked out a 16 1/2 by 16 1/2 inch square. I cut the the square out, then used my sewing machine to sew up 3 of the sides with the design facing in. I stuffed the pillow with fiber fill. To finish it off, I ladder stitched the opening closed. 

My Daughter loves her new pillow. She calls it her reading pillow. She says that it is perfect for leaning back on for reading a good book. I hope this brings you inspiration to think outside the box, when looking at clothes with patterns. Maybe they are not something you would wear, but they might serve another purpose.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Adult Simple Crochet Yoke

I love how it turned out!
Do you remember the simple yoke that I made for my daughter last year? I decided I needed a shirt with one too.

I started with a shirt that I found for my husband on the clearance rack for a dollar. The shirt ended up being to small for him, so I found a new way to use it.