Monday, January 8, 2018

Modern Chrysanthemum Throw CAL: The Squares

A Free Crochet Pattern

Have you collected all your scrap yarn together? Let's get started on this blanket and getting our stashes down to lower level for the beginning of the year.

Even though I have already made a sample throw, I'm going to make another one right along with you. I will be using yarn from my stash that I have moved with at least 5 times. It's time to get this yarn in a project. And because I can never follow a pattern (not even my own haha), I'm going to only put 4 squares together instead of 9. We will talk and discuss this change more next week.

Like I said in the last post I love making blankets and throws with squares. I can give myself little goals and the squares are easy to take with me on the go. When I was designing this blanket there were lots of ideas in my head about what the squares looked like. Cabbage roses, fire works, mums, I finally decided on the name Modern Chrysanthemum for the name. Naming my patterns is one of the hardest things for me.

Where Can I get the rest of this pattern?

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I want to make a note that these bpdc are a bit unconventional because you are making the stitch around a sc post instead of a dc post. Don't let that scare you. It still works out the same, but it does have a different feel to it.

Round 1: With color A, Ch 4, sl st into first ch to make a ring, ch 3 (counts as first dc), make 11 dc into the ring, sl st into first dc. (12 dc)

Round 2: Change to color B, Ch 1, sc in same st, (bpdc in next dc, sc in same dc) Repeat (to) 11 times, bpdc in the first dc, sl st into the starting sc. (12 bpdc, 12 sc)

Round 3: Change to color A, ch 1, sc in same st, {bpdc in sc of previous row, 2 sc in the bpdc of  previous row}, Repeat {to} 10 times, bpdc in the sc of the previous row, 1 sc in the bpdc of the previous row, sl st into starting sc. (12 bpdc, 24 sc)

Round 4: Change to color B, Ch 2 (does not count as a st), bpdc in starting st, {(2 sc in the bpdc,  (bpdc in the sc) 2 times ) repeat (to), 2 sc in the bpdc, bpdc in the sc, ch 2, bpdc in the next sc,} repeat {to} 2 times, (2 sc in the bpdc,  (bpdc in the sc) 2 times ) repeat (to), 2 sc in the bpdc, bpdc in the sc, ch 2, sl st into the first st.

Finish off. Weave in your ends.

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  1. Such a beautiful pattern. Thank you for sharing your time, your creativity and your pattern. You do beautiful work. Can't wait to see what you do next.