Monday, November 27, 2017

Paperless Post Review

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*I was compensated for trying out the website and for  my review. All opinions are mine.* 

I realize that this is not really Fiber Arts related. Bare with me while I share this company to you. I would not share anything that I did not think was worthwhile or that I would not think my readers would be interested in. Even though Paperless Post has nothing to do with yarn, it is a fantastic time saver. 

As creators,  I know that you put you heart and soul into all the projects you make. Your love language is probably acts of service and gift giving. You want to put your personal touch in everything you do. I know because I am a creator too. 

Paperless  Post is an online card service. They are a "company that designs customizable online and printed stationery, to show that communication can be personal and well-designed regardless of the medium. Paperless Post has partnered with several world-famous designers and lifestyle brands, including Kate Spade New York, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and Rifle Paper Co., and has delivered over 85 million cards to date."

These cards are paperless, meaning that they come in e-mail form. I personally love this. Being in Canada and all of my family being in the US, sometimes  it's hard staying in touch.  Sending personal touches across the border does not happen very often because of the hefty shipping costs. 

Canada Post is also not known for being a great mail service. Two years ago I received a Christmas card in March. The sender was a half hour drive from my house. I love that I can send a super personal card through e-mail and I know they are going to get the card when I want them to get it. 

As you can see from the photo above, their birthday cards are beautiful. I would call them classic, sophisticated, very clean line, and modern. 

You can also customize cards and personalize them as much as you like. You can't go to a store and pick out a card with a personal picture on it, but with Paperless Post you can. In the above photo I have a screen shot of a card I was making. You can choose the picture, font (size, color, and print), what the card says, background, envelope, and stamp. 

When you sign up for paperless post you get your own dashboard where you can keep your contact list, rough drafts, and your favorite cards. Most cards come out to be under $2.00. I find that to be extremely reasonable. Especially for a card that is so personal. 

I think one of my favorite things about the website is that I can schedule when the card gets sent. I can take the time I need to make the card when I want,  then I can schedule the card to be sent on time.  
Give Paperless Post a try. 

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