Monday, September 18, 2017

Exodus 15: 2 Scripture Stock Photo

I have been working behind the scenes a lot this week. I have been finalizing my next crochet pattern that I have been hinting at on Instagram all month.I have been getting a couple of patterns ready to submit to some magazines. I have not submitting in a long time so it's kinda scary.

The church I go to asked me if I could make a stock photo for them to put on the cover of their quarterly magazine, so that was something else I had to do. I'm quite pleased with it so I wanted to share it with you.

Editing photos is getting to be one of my favorite things about blogging. It has been a huge learning experience for me. Computers ave never been my forte. In high school I barely passed typing class. My teacher had mercy on me because he was my track coach and he knew how much I was struggling. He said, "I'll pass you if you can get to 21 words a minute. I ended up with a D in the class with 26 words per minute.

Yikes. I'm still pretty slow, but I'm improving, and it helps having a husband who knows computers, and who spent his childhood taking them apart and back together again.

So if I can figure out this blogging thing, anything is possible. Have a great week, and keep on the lookout for the next pattern coming soon.  

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  1. haha. I had a website once and I do understand. Every day was a new learning experience. :)