Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer "Vacation"

The Great thing about having a crochet business is that you can work and travel at the same time. Also when your husband is a student the only time you get to travel is in the summer and that week during Christmas. Right now we live 6 to 10 hours away from our families so we really wanted to see everyone that we haven't  seen in over a year.

This desire has resulted in a wild month long trip for my daughter and I. My husband gets to enjoy two weeks of it with us. We will be flying for the last leg of our journey. That meant I had to pack for a month in a carry-on and personal item. I told my husband, "You expect a creative person to live out of a carry-on for a Month!" Why yes, yes he did.

I had a few misgivings out of it. I watched videos and read blogs on how to live out of a carry-on. I felt a little better. I have to say 2 and a half weeks in I'm doing pretty well.
I decided I would pack small projects to work on. So I packed A half yard of linen fabric, a sandwich bag of embroidery thread, a hoop, two skeins of Simply Soft yarn, and my case of hooks.

With the two skeins of yarn I made a sweater vest, that I am writing a pattern for. I ended up finishing it and leaving it at my dad's to pick it up at Christmas time. That also gives me a little more room in my bag.
The first embroidery project that I made was this one. The pattern is found at NeedlenThread.com . I'm pretty happy with it. I'll iron it out and make it pretty when I get home.

The one I am working on now did not have an original site that I could find. It is also coming out well. I still have 10 more days left of my trip so I know I will have some more to show. I hope you find inspiration in the fact that this creative lady is living out of a carry-on for a month and surviving!

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