Thursday, November 14, 2013

Color Options for the Always Pointing North blanket

I have been getting ready for Christmas, actually that is probably an understatement. I finished my first Christmas present back in March, and I have slowly been making things since. One of the things I have been making are blankets. I have mostly been using the Always Pointing North pattern. I fall in love with each blanket that I make and I want to keep them, so hopefully that means that the people receiving them with love them too. 

Here are the pictures of the new colors!
 The first one I wanted it to have fall colors, and the blue that is showing up so much in the picture is a lot more muted in real life. I also put a different border on it.

 With second one I wanted to make a spring/summer colored blanket. I really loved how the colors came together for this one.

I have another picture somewhere of another one I made, but I can not find it. I made a blanket for my Granny that had tans, blues and greens in it with a splash of Burgundy, all the colors that I think about when I think about my Granny. Maybe another time I will find it and add it.

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  1. These are beautiful, Julia. Thank-you for the pattern! M <><.