Friday, June 14, 2013

Date Night with Daddy: a short story

Date Night with Daddy
Short story by Julia Schwartz

Ring ring, ring ring.
“Yes,  hello. Mrs. Schwartz this is Matilda. I have the most shocking news for you. I hate to be the one that has to tell you, but I thought you should know.”
“I saw your husband out last night with another woman, at the Italian Restaurant.”

“I was wondering where he ended up last night.”
“Well yes, I watched him get out of the car with this woman, well I should say girl she was a young thing.  She was completely infatuated with him she practically begged him to carry her inside the restaurant.  I do have to say he was quite the gentleman. When they got inside he held out the chair for her and made sure she was sitting down properly, but I have to tell you it was very shocking.  She kept wanting to sit on his lap! And he let her!  

“That’s not hard to believe”
“Oh I’m sorry to say it only gets worse. He ordered their food for them and when it came out. The girl insisted that she have a napkin around her neck, so he put one on her then put on one himself.  In spite of the napkin she got spaghetti all over herself, and if you remember she kept trying to sit on your husband’s lap, it also got all over him. He was very kind and just laughed it off. 

“Well now I know why he came home so dirty.”
“Unfortunately, there is more.”

“Well, when they got done with dinner she insisted that they have chocolate cake with ice cream. As if the spaghetti wasn’t messy enough. After one bite of cake she decided they needed to dance. They don’t even have a dance floor, but they danced anyway. And during the dance, I can’t even tell you.  She fell asleep in his arms!  He had to pay for the check and carry her out to the car. I have never seen such a show.” 

“Well yes, thank you for telling me about his night. He and the little lady went straight to bed and they are still sleeping. I’m so glad daddy date night went so well.”
“Yes, I just knew you would want to know.” 

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy there is.