Thursday, April 18, 2013

Homemade Biscuit Mix

I have a lot of moms in my life, Godly women who have come beside me and guided me into the person I am today. Each one has blessed me, and taught me many things that are important to who I am. This is a recipe from one of those moms, Claudia Nussbaum.

 In college I decided in needed to learn how to make biscuits. Every Wednesday the cafeteria made homemade biscuits and gravy (the joys of going to a small college). When it was time to leave I did not want to miss out on those Wednesday breakfasts.  I asked my mom if she would teach me how to make biscuits. She said that she never mastered them, so she would not be a good teacher. So I was left with finding someone else. On one of the days I was visiting with Claudia I was telling her about my woes in not being able to make biscuits.  She said I can show you and I have a great recipe. She made me some mix to take home with me, and I still use the original Bryers ice cream one gallon container she gave it to me in. (that was eight years ago,  maybe its time to find something new)

Today I use this mix a lot. I use it for biscuits, pancakes, waffles, pinwheels, casserole crusts, and more. I make a batch, and it goes in my gallon ice cream container. It replaces my need to by Bisquick, and it saves time from making it all from scratch, because I make a big batch at one time.


 8 Cups all purpose flour
2 tsp salt
1/3 cup baking powder
1 cup solid shortening
8 tsp. sugar (optional)

Combine everything except the solid shortening and mix well. Using a pastry blender or two table knives  to cut the shortening in until the mixture resembles course meal (I usually just use my hand). Store it in a container with an air tight lid. It can be kept in the pantry or the fridge.

I will post some of my recipes using the mix at a later date, I will label them Biscuit mix.

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  1. My mother used to make something like this. It was called the monster, & kept in the fridge for wk.