Friday, March 29, 2013

The three essential items for a girls easter basket

Shoes, Chocolate, and nail polish. Need I go on.

This year I had no budget to speak of for Easter so like usual I had to get a little creative. My daughter is three this year and so every holiday is the most amazing holiday ever. I took her to our local department store and I said lets pick out some things for you. She took a straight bee line to the nail polish. I did not even know she knew where the nail polish was. She picked out some colors, at a dollar a piece. Then I took her to the shoe department and had her pick out some sandals, which she needs for the summer. I think it has been divine intervention that Abigail has not remembered this trip or made any comments about the missing things, because she has an ectopic memory.   I found some chocolate at home and we were set, except for the basket.  

For the basket I cut up some fabric scraps into strips and crocheted a basket out of those. I had 4 rounds of increasing Hdc, and 5 rows of hdc with out the increase. Then I added a handle. It was so simple that it only took a couple of hours.

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