Thursday, June 7, 2012

making a draw sting.

If you have a daughter like mine. One that is tall and skinny, you probably have a hard time finding pants and bottoms that fit. I have made a simple tutorial on how to add a draw string. This does not work for all bottoms but it is a good solution for bottoms that have elastic.
1st step: Make two small holes in the front of the pants where a button would normally go
2nd step: measure out the ribbon or string that you want to use, making it longer than what you will need to go around the waist. and cut.
3rd step: attach a safety pin to one side of the ribbon, then guide the safety pin through one hole, around the waist and out the other hole.

 Take the safety pin off, tie knots on the ends of the sting or ribbon and you are done.

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