Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Picture Tutorial for Bullion Butterfly

I decided I should make a tutorial for the Bullion Butterfly that goes with the hat pattern that I designed.   That way you won't get lost in translation. 

Ch 6, dc in the 3 ch from hook,

1 dc in the same ch,  3 dc in the next ch space

ch 3, turn, 1 dc in the dc just made

ch 1, sk 1 dc, dc in the next dc, ch 1, dc in the next dc, 
ch 1, sk 1 dc, 2 dc in the last dc. Finish off. First wing is finished.

Join with a ch 3, in the beginning ch on the opposite side of the start.

Follow the first four pictures till you have the second wing do not finish off.

Slip stitch down to the starting ch 2

ch 5, bring the ch 5 up over the butterfly and sl st into the first ch st of the start of the butterfly

make a 7 yo bullion on the opposite side of the butterfly,

sl st in the first ch. Finish off. Weave in your ends.

To make antennae: Ch 14. Finish off. Attach the antennae like you would a tassel.