Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Color Pop Pillow

A Refashion of a Sweater to a Pillow

I found this sweater at Value Village.
It has a cool pattern and it is bright, so bright I had a lot of trouble getting good pictures because it was so glaring.  I knew I wanted to do something fun with it. For Christmas my daughter got a new duvet for her bed, so I thought why not make a pillow to match her new duvet.

I started by adding fusible interfacing to the inside of the sweater where I wanted to  add the design.

Then I drew out my simple design on the interfacing. With the embroidery thread that I chose, I made a back stitch around all my lines.

I flipped it over so the pattern was showing. I made a satin stitch around all of the back stitches following the pattern. This fabric was very hard to work with for the satin stitch even with the interfacing, if I do this again I'm sure I will use a different stitch. For the last "stem" I used the fish tail stitch to give it a different look.

When I was done with the embroidery design, I straightened out the sweater and marked out a 16 1/2 by 16 1/2 inch square. I cut the the square out, then used my sewing machine to sew up 3 of the sides with the design facing in. I stuffed the pillow with fiber fill. To finish it off, I ladder stitched the opening closed. 

My Daughter loves her new pillow. She calls it her reading pillow. She says that it is perfect for leaning back on for reading a good book. I hope this brings you inspiration to think outside the box, when looking at clothes with patterns. Maybe they are not something you would wear, but they might serve another purpose.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Crafty Containers

A Free Crochet Pattern

 Do you need a simple storage solution for your desk or shelves? This is a very easy project that can be done in a short amount of time. It uses an oatmeal container and some simple crocheting skills. They are sturdy and once you are done you cannot tell that they used to take up space in your pantry!

The Crafty Containers are another pattern that I am moving over from Crochetvolution. For this project I knew I wanted to make new samples and pictures. I chose bright colors in worsted cotton this time.

I still use these containers after 3 years, so it was time for an update. They sit at my sewing desk. The larger container is perfect for my Granny's old knitting needles. And the smaller container is perfect for hooks and loose notions.

Don't forget to add this pattern to your favorites on Ravelry.

Difficulty: Easy
Size: 18 oz oatmeal container cut to the size you would like
  • Any 4-ply worsted weight yarn in 2 colors 
  • H/8 (5.00mm size) hook
  • A cleaned out 18 oz oatmeal container
Gauge: After the first four rounds it should be the same size as the bottom of the container

Note: You can cut your container down to a size that you like but make sure you cut it down by inches. Also this will affect how many rows you will crochet.


Outer layer

Round 1: With Color1, ch 4, make 9 dc in the 4th ch (the rest of the chs form the first dc) from hook, sl st into beg dc for a total of 10 dc.

Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as first dc here and throughout), dc in the same st, {make 2 dc in the next dc.} Repeat from *{to} 8 more times, sl st into beg st. (20dc)

Round 3: Ch 3, {make 2 dc in the next st, 1 dc in the next st.} Repeat from {to} 8 times, make 2 dc in last st, sl st in beg st. (30dc)

Round 4: Ch 1, sc in the same st, sc in the next st, make 2 sc in the next st. {Sc in the next 2 sts, make 2 sc in the next st}. Repeat from {to} 8 times, sl st into beg sc. (40 sc)

Round 5: Working in back loops only, ch 3. Dc in each st around, sl st into beg dc. (40 dc)

Rounds 6-17 (or till you reach the top of the container): Ch 3; dc in each st around, sl st into beg dc. (40 dc) At the end of your last row, finish off.

Inner layer

With Color 2, repeat Rnds 1-17 of Outer Layer (do not finish off). Insert the inner layer into the container and slip the outer layer over the container. Match up your edges, and crochet the two layers together in the next row.

Round 18: Ch 1, sc in the same st. Sc in each st around, sl st into beg sc. (40 sc)

Round 19: Ch 1, sc in the same st, sc in the next st. Sk 2 sc, ch 4. {Sc in the next 2 sc, sk 2 sc, ch 4}. Repeat from {to} 8 times, sl st into beg sc. (20 sc and 10 ch-sp)

Round 20: Sl st into the next sc and into the ch-sp, ch 1. {(Sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc) into the ch-sp}. Repeat from {to} 9 times, sl st into beg sc. (10 petals)

Round 21: Sl st into the next 2 sts, ch 1. {Sc in the dc, ch 4}. Repeat from  {to} 9 times, sl st into the beg sc. (10 ch-sp)

Round 22: Sl st into the ch-sp, ch 1. {(Sc, hdc, dc, ch 3, sl st into dc (picot made), hdc, sc) into the ch-sp}. Repeat from {to} 9 times, sl st into beg sc. (10 petals with picots) Finish off and weave in your ends, fold edge down over outside of container.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Swift Chevron Hat: A Knitting Pattern

A Companion Pattern to the Swift Swirl Knitting Pattern

I think I say this about every pattern, but I am really excited about this pattern. When I made the Swift Swirl Pattern, I wanted to expand it to this pattern right away. It was just screaming to me that it needed more movement!

This one is not as swift as the first, but it is still a quick pattern to follow. You have to count your rows this time, but the idea is still the same. You are doing the same stitch over and over again and there are no yarn overs, increases or deceases that you have to worry about in the body of the hat and that is what makes it swift.

I love the chevron for this hat. In the pattern it is easily adaptable to make the chevrons as long or short as you like. When I see the chevron pattern I always think of Charlie Brown and his yellow shirt, Harry Potter and his scar, caution signs on the road, and afghans made by great grandma. What Do you always think of when you see the Chevron Pattern?

Materials Needed 

Needles: 6,0 mm/US 10 circular needles and a set of double point needles US 10 to finish it off.
Notions: tapestry needle

Special stitches:

Right Twist (RT): Knit 2 together keeping both stitches on the left needle, knit into the first stitch, then pull both stitches onto the right needle, stitch complete. 

Left Twist(LT):  Knit through the back loop of the 2nd st, keep the stitch on the left needle, knit in the first stitch, then pull both stitches onto the right needle, stitch complete. 

Sk2p: Slip stitch to the right needle, knit 2 stitches together, pass over slipped st over the 2 knit stitches.

Where Can I Get This Pattern?

This is a paid Pattern. I have put a lot of work into the PDF version of this pattern. There are pictures to follow and a written out pattern that is clear and precise. When you buy this pattern you will automatically receive the Swift Swirl pattern with it for FREE.
That is two patterns for the price of one. !!buy now !!

If You would like to go to my Ravelry Pattern Page first Go Here!


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