Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Newsletter: May 2018

It's been awhile since I have written a newsletter for you guys.

2018 has been and is going to continue to be a year of change for me. Designing wise I have really been trying to be intentional with what I have been making and designing. I've been putting a lot of care into what I have been adding to the blog. I want to share patterns that are new and fresh, and that have elements of learning potentials for you and for me. I have been trying to stretch myself into making more in depth patterns, but with that I'm moving at a slower pace. I hope in the end you will benefit the most from me taking my time and really getting the patterns just how I want them.

Family wise, change is coming for us. Our Visas into Canada expire in 10 weeks... And we still have no idea what we are doing. In 10 weeks it might be extremely anticlimactic by us just renewing our visas for another year, or we might be moving back to the states somewhere. We have the potential to go anywhere we want to. There is not anything that is limiting us in any way other than lots of people that love us. But with that we still want to make the best decision that fits our family.

My oldest just got approved to join the gifted program at school, so its important to find somewhere where she will stay challenged. My youngest would love a place where she can just run wild without any shoes or coats on, haha. My husband needs a place where he can finish his paper and still be intellectually stimulated without being on college campus, and I just need somewhere with a yarn store and easy internet. Most importantly we want to find somewhere where we can serve in a church and build a community around us that loves the church and mission as much as we do.

I say all this so you know things might be a little crazy around here for the next couple of months as we figure out what in the world we are doing.

What's Happening on the Blog

I know I am not the only designer with this problem but viewership has been a lot lower the last two months. Everyone is done with the holidays and we are spending more time outside as it gets warmer. Even though the page views have been down, I've been happy with how things are going.

I've been most excited about my Community board on Pinterest. There have been a lot of new designers that have joined and have been adding their pins. If you're on Pinterest you should check out the new pins being added daily.

My favorite pattern so far has been the Creating My Own Sunshine Shawl. It is so beautiful, I can't believe how well it turned out. I also really enjoyed working with testers on the pattern to get it just right.

Coming up next month on the blog I have a Tunisian Crochet baby hat that will match the Puddles of Love blanket and I have been working on a knit cowl. I have restarted it too many times to count, but I'm really happy with how it is coming now. I'm calling it Waterways Cowl to give you a hint about what it might look like.

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