Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Newsletter for November 2017

How was Halloween for you this year? Did you go trick-or-treating with your littles or did you pass out candy? We live in a basement apartment so even if we wanted to pass out candy I don't think anyone would find us. We took the girls trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. They had so much fun!

In Toronto they like to give out snack size potato chip bags. We usually get a whole grocery sack full of those and we put them in Little One's school lunch for the next month. We also enforce a parent tax on the candy, haha. If I'm going to spend all this time on costumes I'm going to get something for it. It's a family effort for sure, getting the candy and then eating it. We will work through it all until Easter when we will get a new batch of candy that we will work on until next Halloween.

What Happened This month

October was an exciting month for the blog. I know page views are not everything, but I broke a record and got over 20,000! My last record was in June, with 18,500. Thank You for taking the time to visit my little space. It means so much to me.

In October there were three main posts:

Social Media and Revenue Growth

In social media I have been working at growing the reach of my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.

My facebook page has been gaining steadily by a rate of 1 person a day. I have been working at having new content added daily with news and articles about fiber art. I have also been doing a #freefridayfinds on Friday where I post my favorite free finds of the week. I usually have one pattern each for: knitting, crochet, and embroidery. Then I also try and find one kids craft or sewing project.

I have not been as active on Instagram, but I'm still gaining new followers. I'm really struggling with figuring out the Instagram stories. If any of you have any good tips, please let me know. I'm so lost.

I had some trouble with Pinterest this month acknowledging my website after I changed domain names, but that seems to have figured itself out. I am 2 followers short of 300. If you want to help push me over that would be fantastic. I try and pin new things every day. I pin a lot of crafty things, recipes and things to do with my kids.

For Revenue I made almost exactly what I made last month. Almost all of it was passive income. I count it as passive if it is a pattern sale of a pattern older than 3 months and ads through google adsense.

What's Coming Up on the Blog 

In preparation for the Christmas Holiday Season I am:

  • Moving over the last pattern from Crochetvolution. 
  • Updating the Christmas Poinsettia pattern to include a PDF download. 
  • Publishing a new knit-and-crochet pattern to help you with gift wrapping
  • Teaching you how to do couching on top of crochet. "I have no idea what couching is," you say? You will have to stick around to find out.


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As a thank you for reading all the way through and for the great month. I'm giving away a promo code for a free pattern in My Ravelry Store. This promo code will be good until the end of the month. It is good for a one time use on one pattern of your choice. Type in the Promo Code 20,000THANKYOU into the promo section and the discount will show up in the check out.  

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