Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do itYourself Fabric Flowers

Wow, its been awhile. We have had lots of sickness. I feel as if I have been sick since Christmas. If its not me then it is my daughter, we have just been passing it back and forth. During all of this time I have still been very busy. One of the things that I have been working on is making fabric flowers for my hats and other accessories. 

First step is to make a petal with paper the size that you want. My petals were about 3 inches. Then cut that out and pin it to the fabric scrap that you want to use. The fabric strip should be doubled over, so you will cut 2 out at the same time.Using Pinking shears cut around the paper cutting out the petal. Repeat till you have the amount of petals you want.

When you have cut out the number of petals you need. Cut out a circle of fabric in a contrasting color to be the center of the flower.This should also be doubled.  The next step is to use two threads of embroidery floss and make a straight stitch around two pieces of fabric petals and the center of the flower. With the tail of the last petal sew loose stitches through the bottom of all the petals, and then pull it tight bringing all the petals into a circle. Sew on the center of the flower hiding the ends. Add a button to the center, and then its done. You can make the petals large or small the result is always adorable.

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